Ozark, MO

"Thanks for helping me get off all my medications!"

Ozark, MO

"I could not have reached my goals without your help." 
      "Thank you for helping me change my life"

Becky V.
Springfield, MO

"Worth every penny and more, highly recommend"

Adam S.
Nixa, MO

"Just when I gave up on finding an effective counselor, I found you!" 
"You are amazing, thank you!"

Leonard and Doreen L.
Springfield, MO

"Best stress relief I have had in years."

Curtis M.
Springfield, MO

"Sharon's skills as a therapist have been a tremendous help in my journey to overcome past childhood issues and aid me in building confidence and self-worth. I am very fortunate and thankful to have her in my life. Within a few short sessions, I was able to overcome irrational fears that have plagued me for years and address issues deep in my subconscious mind via hypnotherapy. As a result, my life tremendously improved on all levels. I was able to transition into a  better living environment and do not suffer from debilitating anxiety attacks (which I have suffered from for 20 years!). I feel empowered and completely in charge of my life. She is not a therapist who listens nonchalantly and nods her head while jotting down notes. Instead, she listens and really cares about her clients. Highly, highly recommend! Cheryl"

                  And I mean every word of it. 

Cheryl B.
Branson, MO

"Sharon gives hope to us all who struggle with sincerity.  I feel like I can tell her anything.  Since I changed therapists, not only have I made great improvements in my life, but my depression and haunting's of my childhood trauma are gone.  Ten years of therapy nothing changed.  Three months with Sharon and I have seen amazing results.  Sharon is a genuine, caring, effective counselor and an impressive hypnotherapist! 

Brooke P.
Springfield, MO

"Sharon is amazing! With just 1 marital counseling session we were able to leave feeling positive about the
 direction our marriage was heading. We will continue to see her!"

Amy and Chris L.
Nixa. MO

"Suggest anyone going through any sort of problems in their life to seek her assistance. Hypnotherapy is so powerful and effective, as well as her counseling skills." 

"Sharon is such a great counselor and person and without reservation would recommend her to anyone looking  for help with any issues. She has been a "lifesaver during my storm" and I sincerely mean this."

"I will say I did not know if the hypnotherapy would "work" for me, but kept a very open mind to it. My only regret is I did not know about this wonderful treatment sooner in my life. For me, it has been a blessing and will continue this indefinitely! Additionally, Sharon's counseling skills are excellent. She is very welcoming and has such a positive glow. Highly recommend her for any sort of situation you might be experiencing."

Karen E.
Springfield, MO

 "I went to Power of the Mind for help with one issue and have ended up working on several, as a result of firmly dealing with that one issue! My life has opened up for me in ways I NEVER thought possible, even though I'm still working on it! Sharon made me feel welcomed and relaxed the very first time I entered her office, which was really important to helping me to feel calm, safe and secure about opening up to the type of help I needed. If you have issues you want to deal with and want someone who will make you feel this way, I highly recommend Sharon Jackson and Power of the  Mind. As an added note, she has helped my husband lose over 30 pounds in 3 months!"

 Jo Anna and Eddie Price
 Sparta, MO

"Went to Power of the Mind from my wife buying me a coupon off the Internet.  I really wasn't too interested in going, but after my appointment, I formed a different opinion.  I can't remember being that relaxed in a long, long time.  Sharon was nice and made me feel comfortable.  I have been back several times now to maintain my low stress levels. I have a high stress job.  I highly recommend her and have sent several of my co-workers to see her."

Jeff  M.
Springfield, MO

"She is the REAL DEAL can't believe how effective my session was. Really thought she couldn't get me relaxed enough to hypnotize me, but she did and I can't say enough on how it has helped me in my life. I highly recommend Power of the Mind if you want someone who knows what they're doing."

Strafford, MO

"I am no longer a smoker after 30 years thanks to Sharon. She was my last hope after many attempts to quit on my own. I have been smoke free for 90 days now and don't even crave cigarettes anymore! Thank you I couldn't have done it without you."

Debbie T.
Springfield, MO

"Wow, I can't believe how wonderful and perceptive Sharon has proven to be. I have spent a fortune on self help and counseling over the years with no results other than medication to mask my feelings and pain. Sharon truly cares; she listened, evaluated, gave suggestions and passed no judgements. The results from her sessions are amazing!! I say are amazing because the benefits keep being revealed to me. I have been so uptight and guarded for so long I was sure I would never be able to relax. Not only am I relaxed but positive outlooks keep coming to my thoughts instead of defeat and hopelessness. My life is in full color now and not cloudy and grey. I'm very excited to continue healing through her guidance. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used to heal others!!!!!" 

  "Your Amazing!!!"

  "Two sessions with Sharon and my anxiety, fear and negative attitudes are changing."

Ann M
Sparta, MO

"Just when I thought no one really cared I found Sharon Jackson and Power of the Mind. In just a handful of sessions I was able to change my life!!! Sharon really cares and listens with concern. The counseling I received was no match to ANY OTHER I have found. She gives advise on how to actually make the changes and then we did hypnosis which was UNREAL. I am a new person and as she says I have my life back. The one I want and deserve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldnt be where I am now if it weren't for you!!!!!"

Sonia V.
Springfield, Missouri

"No matter what you think is hopeless or not possible is only an illusion. My sessions here were a major factor in saving my life and soul. She will help you realize your true potential. There are no limits. No problems that cannot be solved. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Cody C.
Ozark, Missouri

​"If you are looking for a counselor that really cares Dr. Sharon Jackson is it. She is super, super reasonable too reasonable. She commits to everyone she see's. I know this because I also have several friends that see her and we all agree she doesn't run you out of the office when time is up. She is so professional and caring. She makes sure I are finished before I leave. I'm not just a claim or payment, Im a person she cares about. If you don't believe me make an appointment and you will find out yourself. She helped me change my life and I refer her to everyone I know. This is her true calling and I am thankful for her everyday. Thank you Dr. Jackson!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!" (May 2016)

Springfield, Missouri

"I don't know what she did with those things she hit together or the machine she used was, but my back doesn't hurt any more. Saved me a trip to the chiropractor and she was cheaper, thanks Doc." (June 2016)

Jason T.
Springfield, Missouri

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